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What to look for in a condo?

Form of ownership? Condominium or cooperative?

Common services and charges?

How much are assessments, what do they cover and when due? Are any new assessments or increases planned?

Procedure to collect delinquent assessemtns?

Home owners association politics and history of operation?

Are there issues simmering between the community and the board?

Issues on the table with association and town?

Are board meetings open to all residents?

Regarding pets, most condos say they accept pets but won't agree to too many and large dogs.

Rules regarding modifications and process to make any changes to your property.

Do you agree with architectural guidleines?

What are your responsibilities as a paroerty owner?

Rules and regulations. Read and understand.

What are rules regarding flags, pets, outside antennas, satellite dishes, close lines, fences, patios, parking and home businesses?

Can you rent your property?

Is community age restricted?

Annual budget and how compares to like communities?

Adequacy of contingency reserve?




Be aware of Prospectus and By Lawss concerning certain types of condominums and how they can effect rights of ownership. Call or email and we'll explain.