This program has been designed to assist people with downsizing.


Suggested Guidelines:

Be clear on objectives why are you downsizing?

  • Put in writing
  • Do this with your spouse or partner
  • These are criteria to evaluate you move to determine if you are successful

Update financial plan

  • Get income greater than expenses!
  • Make tough decisions if required
  • Use a professional financial planner
  • Be realistic

Location selection

  • Select and get excited about where you are going first.
  • Plenty of resources available to evaluate alternative sites
  • Be clear on objectives. They might include
    • Near family
    • Near hospitals
    • Near work opportunities
    • Weather

De-clutter and clean up home

  • Sell things on e-Bay or through a tag sale
  • Just DO IT! Rent a dumpster and clean put the house. Cost approximately $400.
  • Hire a firm that specializes in selling family accumulations.

Type of living selection

  • Single family in neighborhood
  • Single family in managed community
  • Condo stand-alone
  • Condo in multi story building
  • Old or new
  • Determine what new location will cost to purchase and cost of living

Price home

  • Use professional assistance who knows the market and how to maximize price
  • Be realistic
  • Ask three professionals and take the lowest estimate.=

How to get the most for your home

  • Use a quality realtor early in the process. They know what people are looking, your competition and can make suggestions to help present your home in the best light.
  • Sometimes it is a good idea to use a professional staging company.
  • De-clutter, clean and bring maintenance up to a normal level.
  • Decorate and renovate
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Selling

Realtor selection, things to look for

  • Team of specialists
  • Staging your home for sale
  • Pricing strategies
  • Traditional real estate marketing, advertising and selling using best practices
  • Uniques marketing practices, differentiatin.
    • For example, we invite people to open houses
    • We have several people at an open house to explain property functions and features.
    • Presentation on and MLS
    • Lots of great pictures
    • Proactive Internet marketing
    • Extensive network of prospective buyers and realtors
    • The Realtor selected does what we say they are going to do
    • The Realtor selected provides ongoing feed back to you about how the process is working

Realtor Agreement

  • What they do
  • What you do
  • Marketing and Advertising plan
  • Project management to sell your home
  • Periodic evaluation and adjustments, as required

Move planning and execution

After the move to get adjusted



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