We have a process that works to sell your home for top $.

What sells houses and how we use these tools.

  • Home: We work with you to get your home in the best possible shape for selling including Staging where appropriate.
  • Price: We develop the right price considering The Chritie's Brand and The Higgins Group Marketing Program.
  • Multiple Listing Service: We deliver a compelling presentation to our network of Realtors.
  • Network of Realtors: We motivate our active, growing network of Realtors though promotions.
  • Potential Buyers: We have an on going dialogue with a large number of potential buyers.
  • Customized Marketing and Advertising: We develop and execute a program specifically designed to your home.
  • Internet Marketing: We promote your home through our Web Pages and tageted emails.
  • Broker and Public Open Houses: We conduct all selling activites with Best Practice Agents who work in teams and receive extensive training including watching themselves selling on film.
  • Target Marketing: We deliver the marketing message to the right people to gain repetition.


Tips For Sellers


1. Get three brokers' estimates and go with the lowest.

2. Create a buying frenzy (Pound for pound, price the apartment to be the one everyone who sees it will hate to lose).

3. The lower the number the more the buyers will come (Time and time again sellers look back and are shocked in the amount of interest their property got).

4. Never overprice (It's only fun for a minute, then your euphoria turns to hurt and anger when no one wants your home).



1. Stuff distracts. Clean it out.

2. Depersonalize your home (You know that great picture your four-year old brought home from school and you hung over the mantle-take it down! Buyers like to visualize their own lives in there).



1. Make the most of the buyer's first eight seconds in your house.

2. Never show an empty home (it tells people you are desperate, empty rooms look smaller, a vacant house is a sad house).

3. Stage a sale-you can hire a professional to come in and re-organize your home or rent new furniture for the space. The effort will pay off in the end.

4. If you say "mint," mean it.

5. Clean the windows, wax the floors, take up the orange shag, paint the walls a light color, do a cosmetic makeover in the kitchen (new counter top, fresh paint on cabinets, new knobs on doors).**


If you would like to know more call 203-246-7372 or email swreilly@swreilly.com. We have guidelines on how to prepare you home for sale to maximize sales price and minimize investment.






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